Testfabrics, Inc. is an established textile manufacturer, converter and textile resource servicing the textile needs of a variety of 'special interest textile consumer groups' worldwide. We are 'in the textile business' on behalf of our many different customers. As is the case with most industries, unless you are an active, daily participant in them, it is often very difficult to get attention to your particular needs. Our client groups have special textile needs but individually they do not have the demand level to attract the attention of the textile industry. Testfabrics, Inc. exists to service their needs for textile goods and services.

About Us

In the 1930's and 1940's, our initial clients were comprised of the manufacturing chemical suppliers to the textile industry, the producers of textile dyes and processing chemicals. This group was followed closely by the developing surfactant and synthetic detergent industries. They needed consistent, reliable textile materials for their laboratory evaluations for quality assurance of their production, for development of new products and for demonstrating their products' capabilities to their customers. Individually, their needs were insufficient in volume to interest any supplier willing to comprehend their special needs. Collectively however, there was justification to pay attention to their needs and to develop a means to satisfy them. The founder of Testfabrics, Inc., Werner Klaas, was in a position to listen to these potential clients and to act on their behalf. His basic business instinct for servicing his clients' needs developed over years of constant care and attention and attracted other related groups with their own special needs for textile products and services. The same business instinct remains at the core of our business today.


Testfabrics, Inc. maintains an inventory of textile yarns and fabrics specifically prepared for dyeing (the fabrics are not loom state or raw, they are de sized, scoured, bleached where applicable and with no resin finishes unless specified). They can be dyed, painted, printed and made to be colorfast using proper technique and reputable textile dyes and paints. These fabrics are available in small order quantities and have found tremendous application in textile design and other related outlets.
No guarantee can be given that yarns, skeins and fabrics, may not be contaminated by foreign fly.

All fabrics are quoted and sold by METER.
(A meter is 3.37 inches more than a yard)

Prices and charges are quoted in US Dollars and are subject to change
without any notice.

Quality Control

To insure consistent supply of these necessary materials, Testfabrics, Inc. maintains a staff of trained textile professionals and a manufacturing facility dedicated solely to the consistent production (for more than 50 years) of textile test materials. We are the only supplier with this capacity and it is solely to insure the constant flow and quality of our products. The demand for such materials is insufficient to warrant the attention of any contract producer and without the constant vigilance of dedicated employees, the consistency and reliability of our products would be lost.

We have well equipped laboratory to perform tests on our products to ensure that when you receive your order you can proceed with your work without worrying about the quality of the test materials you are using.

International Presence

From more then 60+ years Testfabrics, Inc. is has strived to fulfill the needs of the worldwide textile and related industry. To better assist our international customers our products are available in 35+ countries around the globe through our worldwide agents.
For complete listing or agent near you please refer to section International Agents.
If you are in an area not currently represented by one of our agent s, please contact us directly.
Testfabrics, Inc. is always interested in discussing the establishment of new sales agents in areas not currently serviced by existing agents.


All items are F.O.B our warehouse in West Pittston, Pennsylvania (PA) 18643 USA unless otherwise noted.
Testfabrics, Inc. normally ships domestic orders via UPS Ground unless requested by the customer to use other courier or shipping method.
Export orders are shipped in accordance with customer requests.


A service charge of $ 7.00 will be added to any domestic order less then $ 25.00 in value.
Minimum order for piece goods is one linear meter.
Goods are sold in whole meters only, no fractions.


No returns are accepted without return authorization. Returns accepted, subject to a restocking charge of 15%.
Goods cut to order are non-returnable. (Example: Swatches or Ribbons.)

Export Orders

The following service charges apply to all export orders shipped to customers not serviced by our International Agents:

Export Orders
Order Charges
Less than $250.00 $35.00
$250.00-$1000.00 $25.00
More than $1000.00 $15.00

Certificate of Origin $15.00
Payment made by Wire Transfer must include an additional $ 25.00 to cover bank fees.
Any other documents at cost plus mailing charge.
Export orders generally require pre-payment of Per Forma invoices prior to shipping