Testfabrics, Inc. maintains an internal laboratory for quality control testing of the raw materials it uses in production, to evaluate the various inventory items it stocks for distribution, to provide customer service, and problem solving. We are able to make small laboratory dyeings of swatches and up to about 5 meter of fabric depending on feasibility. Full-width dyeing services of small sample lots are available, minimum is 30 meters. Larger production dyeing services are available. Testfabrics, Inc. has laboratory padders and dryers for custom application of textile finishes, dyes, appropriate soil media and other similar applications. Competitive suppliers products can be sampled and evaluated. Clients with limited lab equipment and personnel can work with our laboratory to produce the necessary samples they need. In addition, Testfabrics, Inc. operates some full-width wet process equipment in a production facility where trial application can also be made subject to project feasibility. Our full width wash box is available for simple scouring and washing off services. Please contact us with your specific needs in wet processing