Testfabrics, Inc. exists to “satisfy a need’.

That initial ‘need’ in the mid 1930’s was to provide necessary and consistent textile test materials to the chemists working in the laboratories of the manufacturers and suppliers of the dyes and auxiliary chemicals used in the wet processing of textiles. Satisfying that need continues to be the basis of our business function today and allows us to service similar and related ‘needs’ for other clients requiring special attention to be paid to their ‘textile needs’.

The founder of Testfabrics, Inc., Mr. Werner Klaas was a Swiss educated textile technician working in the US silk industry. After having worked for over ten years in various positions for his employer, a silk piece goods producer, he was in the right place at the right time to provide those initially requested materials. He also had the ambition and business experience to follow through with the successive steps to keep his new business on a path of continued development and growth. Throughout our history, we have attracted various other client groups all needing attention paid to their special textile needs. These include the manufacturers and consumers of surfactants and synthetic detergents, consumer products producers, textile industry consumers, textile educators and artists, chemistry and forensics scientists and educators, several groups within the museum community, theater and apparel designers and more.

Customer input is the only driver in our business. Our goal is to keep open all the channels of communication and to be receptive to your input. Testfabrics, Inc. is in the textile business on your behalf and looks forward to hearing from you and to working with you!