1. Quality Assurance Textile Testing, Colorfastness, Physical Testing etc. for Textile Dyes and Chemicals

Testfabrics, Inc. is the world’s foremost producer and distributor of textile testing media for testing the colorfastness quality of textile dyes, textile processing chemicals and the substrates that are processed with those dyes and chemicals.

A  large ‘umbrella’ covers these consumers of our textile testing products. At the top are the dye and chemical producers followed by all their consumers of those chemicals used in producing dyed textile materials,  then the consumers of those dyed and processed materials, followed by the retail consumers of those ‘finished’ products for retail distribution and ultimately by the consumer protection agencies and laboratories. Everyone under this ‘umbrella’ has the responsibility to make sure whatever they are using in their production will not create a consumer problem in the finished end product and the only way to insure that is to do the necessary quality assurance tests.

In order to properly do those critical tests, you need the right test materials and since 1935, Testfabrics, Inc. has been the source of those  materials.

Testfabrics, Inc. exports to every industrialized sector in the world.

Whatever consumable is required for the textile tests you are performing, we can provide. We have the right materials and also the accessory materials to make your job easier. Contact us for test materials and related consumables for colorfastness, physical testing, flammability testing and more.

Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to help you do your job better.

2. Museum Community Consumers: Conservators, Exhibit Builders/Designers, Storage and Maintainence, Art handlers, Movers and Installers

Testfabrics, INC. has been supplying textiles to meet the needs of several special interest groups for over sixty years. One of the major interests that our clients have in common is the need for a range of fabrics, made from the commercially available fibers that are prepared for dyeing, printing, painting or treating with other topical finishes.

Our goods are not “raw” or “loomstate”. They are processed in the commercial dye houses in the same manner as all other textile goods. However, there are no dyes or permanent press resins on our goods except where noted. Almost all the fabrics available in fabric shops have resin finishes for easy care. Resin finishes applied to textiles will block penetration of dyes and inks preventing their adherence to the fabric and severely limiting their colorfastness capability. The fabrics that we supply are ready to accept color from dyes and fabric paints, etc. Fabric dyes and paints can be obtained from craft stores. Using proper materials and procedures you can create colorfast designs on our fabric. For example, one of the simpler methods of creating permanent designs on fabric is stenciling with pigment paints.

Testfabrics, Inc. also supplies several textile products made from our inventory of fabrics. These products include a variety of silk and cotton scarves, cotton placements, cotton napkins and cotton aprons. In addition, anything can be made subject to minimums.

Testfabrics, Inc. also provides many custom textile converting services such as slitting of rolls into ribbons, die-cutting, sourcing of non stock items, problem solving, and distribution of goods to special interest groups. Custom manufacturing services in weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and other textile functions are also available.

We hope we can be of service to you in your artistic interpretations with textiles.

  Testfabrics, Inc.


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